About ISEE


The Graduate School of Information Science and Electrical Engineering was founded to nurture the researchers and engineers who support the human-friendly advanced information society. The school is the postgraduate education institute that offers comprehensive education covering both of information science and technology (I) and electrical and electronic engineering (E). To fulfill its mission, the graduate school has two educational departments: the Department of Information Science and Technology that provides combined education on theories of information science and practical skills of advanced information infrastructures, and the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering that offers systematic education on the advanced electrical, electronic, and communication engineering. Each department has courses (programs) that correspond to applications in the real world. The department and the courses cooperate with each other and provide wide-range education from the fundamentals to the applications of the new academic discipline of Shisutemu Joho Kagaku (information science and technology, communication engineering, electronics and electrical engineering all combined into systems). Students in the graduate school can acquire specialized knowledge of not only their own majors but also the related areas and can widen their technological perspectives.