Kyushu University Innovator Fellowship (Information/AI fields)

 2023.11.1 We are recruiting a two-year fellow whose fellowship starts in April, 2024.

Kyushu University Innovator Fellowship (Information/AI fields)

The objective of Kyushu University Innovator Fellowship (Information/AI fields)

We select doctoral students as fellows among those who are doing research on informatics and AI, and provide them with the financial assistance and the following four types of supports to help them strengthen their research abilities, find the careers, and become active doctoral degree holders in various fields:

  • Cross-field workshop with participants from various study fields
  • Career path expansion seminar by prominent researchers and business operators
  • Advice to fellows by a career support mentor who has a lot of experience at companies and universities
  • Systematic support for internship at domestic companies/laboratories and foreign countries

In this project, we aim to create a new model for supporting young researchers that gives constant financial support and career support by cooperation of university academics and people from companies. The model utilizes the know-how of cross-disciplinary education and collaborated education with businesses that Kyushu University has been cultivating, and provides the student with opportunities to come into contact with technology utilization trends in different fields from their own and various industries.

The amount of research scholarship

  1. Funds to help concentrate on research: 2.4 million yen/year
    [two hundred thousand yen per month]
  2. Research funds (used for research activity): 100,000 - 500,000 yen per annum.
    * The amount is subject to change depending on the governmental policy and the program implementation.

Application guidelines

** Additional recruiting fellows employed in April 2024. **
Application period: Tuesday, November 7th, 2023 - 5pm, Friday, February 19th, 2024. (Japan Time)
Eligible students: those who will be in the second year of the doctoral program of Graduate School of Information Science and Electrical Engineering in April 2024.
Support period: April 2024 to March 2026.
Please check the application guidelines.