Features of ISEE

Cutting-edge and Comprehensive Studies of the 21st Century, and Educating Engineers to Cope with Social Demands

Recently, Information Technology (IT) typified by world-wide computer networks and highly integrated nanometer-scale technologies has developed rapidly and attracted considerable attention. The Graduate School of Information Science and Electrical Engineering (ISEE) consolidates foundations of information science in a new era, leading the information society of the 21st century in various aspects of the industrial world, community, culture and economy. It also cultivates researchers and engineers who will take major roles in electrical, electronics and communication fields, the most important industrial foundation in the world.

ISEE covers an extremely large field of disciplines and consists of faculties with comprehensively specialized fields. Students can attend lectures and seminars in multiple departments to acquire profound knowledge. By attending various courses from science or engineering to human science, students can acquire a wide range of knowledge of fundamental science to practical studies, the application of engineering and the knowledge of human science.

Graduates will have a variety of career options in: electrical, electronics, information, communication and software engineering industries as well as in automobile, heavy machinery, precision machinery, steel, chemical, transportation and media industries. The industrial world places high expectations on graduates and department heads provide career advising.

Intensive Programs

The master’s program usually requires two years and the doctoral program three years to complete. Students with high academic achievement and research results are able to shorten the time required for completion.

Early Entry into the Master’s Program

High-achieving third year undergraduates can skip the fourth year and proceed to the master’s program. Making best use of this system and Intensive Programs, students can earn a doctoral degree as young as twenty five.

Degrees in Extensive Disciplines

ISEE covers a wide range of disciplines allowing students to obtain a degree in engineering, science or philosophy according to their research field.

Special Selection for Professionals

A special selection admission system for professionals allows professional engineers to enroll in the doctoral program in April and October every year, with selection in February and August. Under this system, full-time employees can earn credits in the doctoral program and a doctoral degree by attending graduate courses and studying through distance learning.

Special Selection for International Students

ISEE welcomes applications from international students who makeup over 20% of ISEE students. Students applying from abroad have a special admission system. The doctoral program begins in April and October.

International exchange is actively promoted through cooperative research with foreign universities and research organizations, as well as attending international symposiums. Graduate students are encouraged to present at international conferences. Research grants provided by industries are available to cover travel expenses for doctoral program students presenting at international conferences.