Research Facilities

Research Institute of Superconductor Science and Systems (RISS)

RISSThe following research has been carried out in collaboration with the Research Institute of Superconductor Science and Systems (RISS)* to create superconducting technology for industries;

  1. Investigation and improvement of electromagnetic properties in advanced superconducting materials
  2. Development of superconducting power devices such as superconducting transformers, superconducting motors, etc.
  3. Development of superconducting bio-sensing system utilizing a very high sensitive magnetic sensor, Superconducting Quantum Interference Device (SQUID).

These research topics cover a wide range of areas and are evaluated highly internationally.

Related Professors :

Kazuo Funaki, Keiji Enpuku, Takanobu Kiss, Masakatsu Iwakuma, Kazuhiro Kajikawa

*RISS was founded in 2003 with the support of the Graduate School of ISEE, the Graduate School of Engineering, and the Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences.


CleanroomsDuring the manufacturing process of semiconductor integrated circuits, LCD panels, plasma panels and micro-machines, dust in the air causes unfavorable effects such as short circuits and damages devices. Thus, the manufacturing process has to be conducted in a clean environment. Our university is equipped with a Class 100* cleanroom facility, which allows the latest research in the field of semiconductors to become possible.

*Cleanrooms are classified by the number of particles sized 0.5 µm or larger per cubic foot of air. On sunny days, the outside air approximately corresponds to a Class 1,000,000 cleanroom.