Reorganization of ISEE

In 2021, ISEE is going to be reorganized (waiting for approval; alterations might be made).

Information will be posted and updated soon.

Gist of reorganization

The current three departments, Department of Informatics, Department of Advanced Information Technology, and Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering will be reorganized into two departments: Department of Information Science and Technology, and Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Changes in the entrance examinations

The entrance examinations for April enrollment consist of two types of examinations: the special examination and the general examinations. In the special examination, the viva voce examination will be conducted to evaluate the applicants while the written examination will be carried out in the general examinations.

The entrance examinations usually conducted in August might be postponed to September or later. Update will be posted at the ISEE web site (

Refer to the Application Guideline to be published later for the details including the capacity of each department.